Day In The Life Of The Okinawan Festival Photo Contest 

Behind The Scenes


 2nd Place


Nakagusuku Sonjin Kai members Ellen Saguibo and Irene Higa at Jefferson School shredding pork for Oki Dog:  

 Sisters Ellen & Irene shred pork for the Oki Dog at Jeffereson School Cafeteria on Saturday 9/1/07 (first shift) which started at 7:00 am.

 Photographer: Jo Ann Matsunaga



3rd Place



"Waiting" #2: Taken on 9/2/07, Sunday. My family was by the stage waiting for my 

mother-in-law's dance troupe to perform. I noticed these girls with their taiko drums waiting to 

perform. It was Hot! I think you can tell from the looks in their eyes.

 Photographer: Remy Nakama