About the Hawaii United Okinawa Association:


The Hawaii United Okinawa Association is the umbrella organization for 49 locality clubs whose members are descendants of Okinawan immigrants, most of whom settled in Hawaii in the early 1900s. The member clubs of HUOA are comprised of families whose ancestors immigrated to Hawaii from the same region in Okinawa. 


HUOA thus plays an important role in fostering and sharing Okinawan ethnic identity.  Today, membership through the member clubs total over 40,000. The member clubs are organized by shi (city), cho (township), son (rural township) and aza (small village).  HUOA annually runs the Okinawan Festival, a two day ethnic cultural festival with uniquely Okinawan foods, music performances and cultural education.


For further information, visit the organization’s website at www.huoa.org


Okinawan Festival Hours
31st Okinawan Festival
map of Okinawan Festival