about the okinawan festival

A Brief History of the Okinawan Festival

It's hard to imagine the many years have passed since one of Hawaii's most successful ethnic celebrations - the Okinawan Festival - made its debut at Ala Moana Park's McCoy Pavilion. Who could have imagined back then that the event would grow to attract over 50,000 people from all over the world, involve more than two thousand volunteers, and be staged at Waikiki's biggest park? More...




A Paranku Pioneer

Violet Ogawa-Sensei Shares Okinawan Performing Art with Local Community

They strike their red hand-held drums with precision. Dressed in bright purple and white uchikake vests and striking black and white leggings, Paranku Club of Hawaii members dance and sing as they lead the colorful procession of club banners marking the opening of the Hawaii United Okinawa Association's annual Okinawan Festival. More...





















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31st Okinawan Festival
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